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New Tao Song in YM Rockerz Demo!

Apr 6, 2011

Light-years after "warptYMe" there is another YM Rockerz demo available! Check out the latest YM Rockerz release "Seven".  [ ]

Jam 2.1 released!

Mar 21, 2010

After a long time of silence we finally managed to release a new version of Jam for Windows. This version fixes some compatibility issues and offers some new formats to be replayed.

New in Jam for Windows 2.1

  • Using BASS audio library to be compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • SNDH: Compatibility and soundemulation improvements
  • NEW: MOD-replay (Based on BASSLib)
  • NEW: C64 SID-replay
  • NEW: Quartet-replay
  • NEW: MP3,OGG-replay (Based on BASSLib)
  • Slight GUI-fixes

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