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About Cream

"Cream" is a part of a subculture called the Atari-demoscene, where people spend time in front of their computers doing ...things nobody really needs, just for their own pleasure...this is how we, Abyss, A.-t- , Ultra and Tao, do it.

Just Buggin'
In 1992, A.-t- and Tao participated in " Just Buggin' " by the ACF-Design-Team. Except for some critics on the content of some scrolltexts and some rumours about ripped code we mainly got positive feedback, especially on the design of the fullscreen main-menu. The planned successor titled "Jacktro" never saw the light of day and so we we decided to make our own demo containing our collected graphics and songs, which should later be known as "Stmygm II". This demo was also an attempt to present ourselves in a more serious and frendly way.

Stmygm II
"Stmygm II" was supposed to be released at christmas 1993. but unfortunately due to decreasing motivation we weren't able to finish it in time. Other things apart from coding became more important to some of us. The result was a two-year-absence of Cream in the scene. only A.-t- held our flag on several conventions, winning gfx-competitions.

A little flickering of our existance came up with the conversion of "Mine Sweeper ST", based on the little Microsoft-Windows-game.

On a dark december day in 1995, Tao got ultra┬┤s old STE, which he found while clearing his room for a move. Back at home he got his old disks out and found all the old tunes. In a state of melancholy he started editing and compiling them into a little demo, known as "steps", which was just intended to be for his own pleasure to remember the good old days in the scene. Somehow A.-t- managed to get the group together again for finishing the last bits on "Stmygm II". We released it together with "Steps" in early 1996. Surprised by the feedback of the fading st-scene, we went on doing ...things.

Inspired by the sidplayers on Amiga and PC, we thought about coding one for Falcon and STE. Surprised, that no one had done a SID-emulator on STE before, we released "playsid v. 1.0" in september 1996. Version 2.0, faster and with better soundemulation, followed at the 'Siliconvention' in Bremen, eastern 1997. things.
In january 1999 we released '... do things.', another gfx-music-compilation, containing masses of A.-t- graphics, SID-emulating Taosongs and the first demoscreens by Ultra for Cream. This demo managed to polarise parts of our scene and started a discussion about A.-t-'s way of creating gfx using PC-tools beside pixeling. But in the first way it was our breakthrough as a respectable demo-crew.

Madness, Jam
While Ultra was coding many stunners for our next project "heftig", Abyss and Tao started another music-player to replay amiga-formats like hippel-coso, huelsbeck's tfmx and some more. as a small demonstration "madness" has been released in summer 1999. It contained some original Jochen Hippel songs, as well as two advanced demoscreens by Ultra. The multiformat-player, 'jam' followed in summer 2000, the PC-version with a 2149-soundchip-emulator in 2003...

Heftig ?
The last years have been quiet except of some appearances by Tao in diskmagazines. But we're not dead, meeting from time to time making plans for "heftig" based on Ultra's work. Even if it took a long time until now, we have a good feeling, that it will be finished.