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Here you can find Taosongs in different formats showing different techniques of generating sounds on Atari-computers...

SNDH is a standard YM-2149 musicformat. These songs have been used in several Atari-productions. They can be replayed using "Jam".
Complete SNDH-package (Jan 2006) Download

TSD is a DMA-based format. It emulates the main features of the C64 SID-soundchip. Songs using this player have been first used in " things. These songs can be replayed using "Jam".
TSD-package Download

MS 4.0 is a mixed YM2149/DMA-editor. It offers 3 PSG- plus 3 DMA-generated channels. It combines classic chipsound and precalculated/realtime DMA-effects (ringmodulation, hard-sid, wave-shaping, overmodulation). Unfortunately it hasn't been finished yet...
"Waveshaper" mp3
"Light" mp3
"Stella Polaris" mp3