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Oct 3, 2016

Thanks for continuing to support the ST! Love JAM player.

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Oct 6, 2015

huhu Michael.... wie is ´n deine Emailadresse?

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Sep 17, 2015

Awesome, love this player for SID format.

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Apr 9, 2015

Thanks for the great work :)
Best regards

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Agent t

Feb 14, 2015

Hi Jungs,

liest hier noch jemand mit? Weiß vielleicht einer was Olaf so macht?


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Creature XL

Oct 16, 2013

Using JAM for Windows almost daily. It rocks!
I use sometimes the feature to disable channels (with SID and SNDH files) to check out the sounds of a tune.

plugin-error in Scavenger "Having a Period in 3d.. pt1" and "pt2". Listen until minute 12:xx or 14:xx respectively.

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Aug 28, 2013

thank you,
stunning visual interface,
congratulation, to when a new version ^ ^ ...

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Mar 11, 2012

Ive had an mp3 for love washed away by the tide for a long time and googled tymewarp to see what else I could find. ..and found your excellent downloads page -- thanks everyone!

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Dec 28, 2011

Thank you for all of your contributions. Today, however, my praise is specific.

I am always happy when I discover something new, and, this morning, I discovered the wonderful song for MineSweeper ST. I have been listening to it all morning, sipping coffee and taking care of my 5 month-old twins. Again, thank you for a truly splendid tune that I stumbled upon by accident!

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Simon V

Sep 14, 2011

Thanks for making that player! I just listened to some music by me I can hardly remember writing :-) Cheers! No More

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