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Just Another Musicplayer

Jam is a multiformat musicplayer which comes in two versions for both Atari 68K-computers and Windows PC. Originally programmed for Atari-computers, it replays your popular oldskool music-formats from the golden days of chipmusic.


Version: 2.1, mar 21, 2010

  • Using BASS audio library to be compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • SNDH: Compatibility and soundemulation improvements
  • NEW: MOD-replay (Based on BASSLib)
  • NEW: C64 SID-replay
  • NEW: Quartet-replay
  • NEW: MP3,OGG-replay (Based on BASSLib)
  • Slight GUI-fixes

Version: 2.0b, feb 05, 2006

This version differs so much from version 0.9b, that most of it might be considered totally recoded. So we only list some highlights here:
  • New interface
  • Improved YM-2149 soundchip-emulation
  • Emulation of DMA-sound and OS-soundroutines
  • Full SNDHv2-support
  • SNDHv2 tag-editor
  • Playlist-mode
  • Record-mode
  • Plugin-architecture
  • Plugins: SNDH, COSO/TFMX (Jochen Hippel, find optimised songs at, TFMX (Chris Hülbeck), TSD (Tao/Cream), David Whittaker (Amiga), Future Composer 1.3/1.4

Jam for Windows is not the plain SNDH-emulator anymore, it will replay different classic formats in the future. Note that this version is beta and still under development, so not everything might work as desired.

Compatible formats:
Jam for Atari Jam for Windows
SNDH (Atari ST/E/TT/Falcon)
COSO / TFMX (Jochen Hippel)
TFMX (Chris Huelsbeck)
Future Composer 1.3/1.4
PSID (C64)
SAP (Atari XL)
David Whittaker (Amiga)
Tim Follin (Amiga)
Protracker 3.0
Art Of Noise
AHX (Amiga)
HPN (Mad Max B.I.G.-Demo)
Sonic Arranger (Amiga)
SNDH (Atari ST/E/TT/Falcon)
COSO / TFMX (Jochen Hippel)
TFMX (Chris Huelsbeck)
Future Composer 1.3/1.4
David Whittaker (Amiga)
PSID (C64)

 Jam 2.1 for Windows
 Jam 1.0 for Atari (DSP)
 Jam 1.0 for Atari (CPU)

 Jochen Hippel package (Amiga)
 Jochen Hippel B.I.G. Demos songs
 Chris Huelsbeck package (Amiga)
 Tao SNDH-package
 Tao TSD-package

disclaimer: although we've tested 'Jam' intensively on several machines, we cannot take responsibility for any form of lost data probably caused by our software.