August 12, 2022

Get ready for "ultraBooST", our first demo since STresSTeST in 2015!


This one is a little different, as it is not a plain Atari demo, but a demonstration of what would have been possible if the Atari had nicer screen modes and custom chips.

It is a showcase of an fpga based extension board developed and built by ultra. It provides additional screen modes and helpers and hence emulates some kind of custom chip like other systems have them by default. Except from displaying the screen data for additional screen modes everything else is just plain and optimised M68000 assembly code without the hustle of concepts like c2p consuming much of the available Atari CPU time. Even the music is classic timer based YM2149 sound. Ranked 1st place at SillyVenture 2k22SE.

Just check out the information files in the package to read more, even about the special version of STeem which provides an emulation of the additional screen modes.

Buzz Me! - New Tao song

July 09, 2022

Listen to "Buzz Me!", a new Tao song entered to the Sommarhack 2022 combined music competition. For the first time in about two decades a Tao song is showing new techniques and sounds never heard before on an Atari ST.

STresSTeST released!

Dec 20, 2015


Please welcome STresSTeST, our first demo in about 15 years!

A real surprise, even for ourselves. When we came together after years, it felt really good and we felt the spirit and the energy to do things again. This demo was put together in very short time to present something at STNICCC 2015. It was very close but we finally did it.

Please check out the demo section and download STresSTeST!