Here you can find Taosongs from our demos and other productions in different formats showing different ways of generating sounds on Atari-computers. These songs can be replayed using our multiformat music player Jam.

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SNDH is a standard file format for Atari YM-2149 music files. It includes both native M68000 music driver code and songdata. The songs in this package include all songs from our cream demos as well as appearances in other productions like the YM Rockerz demos or diskmagazines.

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Update aug 2022: Added latest songs "Buzz Me!", "SillyLoop", "ultraBooST" and some songs/versions that might not have been in the previus package so far.


TSD contains music data only and is used by Tao's DMA based player used in things. It emulates the basic features of the C64 SID soundchip. You will need a player like Jam to listen to these songs. In addition to the songs from things the package includes some remixed songs from older demos.

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MS 4.0 demo songs

MS 4.0 is an experimental YM2149/DMA-editor. It offers 3 PSG plus 3 DMA generated channels and combines classic chipsound with precalculated/realtime DMA-effects (ringmodulation, hard-sid, wave-shaping). It has never been finished but the first demos can be found here...

Waveshaper (MP3)
Light (MP3)
Stella Polaris (MP3)